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Judgement Takeover


Was Rs 1,497.54Now Rs 1,491.39
Rs 1,123.49
Was Rs 922.99Now Rs 667.59
Was Rs 946.99Now Rs 839.19
Was Rs 981.49Now Rs 883.19
Rs 1,041.99
Was Rs 1,520.99Now Rs 1,124.89
Was Rs 1,047.49Now Rs 1,029.49
Was Rs 597.99Now Rs 527.99
Was Rs 786.99Now Rs 653.59
Was Rs 738.00Now Rs 664.00
Was Rs 728.00Now Rs 614.00
Was Rs 1,070.00Now Rs 800.00
Was Rs 827.00Now Rs 680.00
Was Rs 626.00Now Rs 546.00
Was Rs 1,313.00Now Rs 1,045.00
Was Rs 1,516.00Now Rs 1,238.00
Was Rs 3,541.00Now Rs 824.00
Was Rs 1,069.00Now Rs 887.00
Rs 309.00
Was Rs 1,012.00Now Rs 814.00
Was Rs 2,898.99Now Rs 1,776.49
Was Rs 1,356.00Now Rs 1,168.00
Was Rs 652.00Now Rs 584.00
Was Rs 605.00Now Rs 543.00
Rs 535.00
Was Rs 625.49Now Rs 529.49
Was Rs 1,465.00Now Rs 1,296.00
Was Rs 1,281.00Now Rs 1,206.00
Was Rs 841.00Now Rs 785.00
Rs 835.00
Was Rs 751.00Now Rs 680.00
Was Rs 608.00Now Rs 504.00
Was Rs 1,463.00Now Rs 1,255.00
Was Rs 1,832.00Now Rs 1,078.00
Was Rs 1,184.00Now Rs 999.00
Was Rs 869.00Now Rs 812.00
Was Rs 735.00Now Rs 681.00
Was Rs 677.00Now Rs 575.00
Was Rs 622.00Now Rs 538.00
Was Rs 712.00Now Rs 688.00
Was Rs 418.00Now Rs 371.00
Was Rs 2,457.00Now Rs 1,867.00
Was Rs 2,170.00Now Rs 2,008.00
Was Rs 2,125.00Now Rs 1,765.00
Was Rs 1,670.00Now Rs 1,412.00
Was Rs 972.00Now Rs 893.00
Was Rs 1,085.00Now Rs 939.00
Rs 1,157.00
Was Rs 1,015.00Now Rs 874.00
Was Rs 1,297.00Now Rs 1,048.00
Was Rs 1,013.00Now Rs 970.00
Was Rs 922.00Now Rs 769.00
Was Rs 755.00Now Rs 732.00
Rs 662.00
Was Rs 676.00Now Rs 575.00
Was Rs 458.00Now Rs 423.00
Was Rs 692.00Now Rs 599.00
Was Rs 623.00Now Rs 606.00
Was Rs 813.00Now Rs 743.00
Was Rs 723.00Now Rs 701.00
Was Rs 990.00Now Rs 958.00
Was Rs 1,275.00Now Rs 1,134.00
Was Rs 1,469.00Now Rs 1,331.00
Was Rs 1,582.00Now Rs 1,393.00
Rs 1,570.00
Was Rs 2,075.00Now Rs 1,793.00
Was Rs 2,061.00Now Rs 1,792.00
Was Rs 954.00Now Rs 930.00
Was Rs 1,063.00Now Rs 979.00
Was Rs 911.00Now Rs 857.00
Was Rs 1,553.00Now Rs 1,358.00
Was Rs 494.00Now Rs 467.00
Rs 831.00
Rs 768.00
Rs 631.00
Rs 2,382.00
Was Rs 633.00Now Rs 584.00
Was Rs 640.00Now Rs 570.00
Was Rs 579.00Now Rs 569.00
Was Rs 678.00Now Rs 599.00
Was Rs 576.00Now Rs 562.00
Was Rs 536.00Now Rs 462.00
Was Rs 472.00Now Rs 460.00
Was Rs 766.00Now Rs 641.00
Was Rs 405.00Now Rs 394.00
Was Rs 862.00Now Rs 708.00
Was Rs 719.00Now Rs 594.00
Was Rs 390.00Now Rs 351.00
Rs 604.00
Was Rs 462.00Now Rs 431.00
Was Rs 512.00Now Rs 494.00
Was Rs 542.00Now Rs 486.00
Was Rs 425.00Now Rs 390.00
Was Rs 402.00Now Rs 388.00
Was Rs 429.00Now Rs 403.00
Was Rs 425.00Now Rs 401.00
Was Rs 891.00Now Rs 719.00
Was Rs 444.00Now Rs 385.00
Rs 406.00
Was Rs 435.00Now Rs 402.00
Was Rs 595.99Now Rs 538.49
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