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Judgement Takeover


Was Rs 1,277.68Now Rs 1,149.91
Was Rs 1,313.08Now Rs 984.81
Was Rs 510.85Now Rs 383.14
Was Rs 439.41Now Rs 395.47
Was Rs 873.43Now Rs 804.95
Was Rs 432.09Now Rs 324.07
Was Rs 423.89Now Rs 360.31
Was Rs 427.99Now Rs 385.19
Was Rs 1,983.88Now Rs 1,884.69
Was Rs 864.09Now Rs 691.27
Was Rs 1,072.20Now Rs 964.98
Was Rs 1,220.79Now Rs 1,098.71
Was Rs 2,192.44Now Rs 1,753.95
Was Rs 921.81Now Rs 829.63
Was Rs 436.59Now Rs 283.78
Was Rs 933.70Now Rs 814.50
Was Rs 1,096.38Now Rs 932.34
Was Rs 1,875.49Now Rs 1,687.94
Was Rs 827.86Now Rs 745.07
Was Rs 167.89Now Rs 33.58
Was Rs 162.09Now Rs 121.57
Was Rs 222.79Now Rs 200.51
Was Rs 211.79Now Rs 180.02
Was Rs 200.79Now Rs 150.59
Was Rs 273.89Now Rs 246.50
Was Rs 191.79Now Rs 153.43
Was Rs 199.89Now Rs 159.91
Was Rs 161.79Now Rs 145.61
Was Rs 186.69Now Rs 112.01
Was Rs 181.79Now Rs 145.43
Was Rs 175.89Now Rs 140.71
Was Rs 227.99Now Rs 182.39
Was Rs 176.69Now Rs 132.52
Was Rs 310.79Now Rs 233.09
Was Rs 220.79Now Rs 198.71
Was Rs 221.79Now Rs 121.98
Was Rs 214.89Now Rs 182.66
Was Rs 236.99Now Rs 189.59
Was Rs 316.59Now Rs 189.95
Was Rs 194.89Now Rs 68.21
Was Rs 220.79Now Rs 198.71
Was Rs 1,585.73Now Rs 1,427.16
Was Rs 1,652.46Now Rs 1,156.72
Was Rs 314.24Now Rs 282.82
Was Rs 1,477.25Now Rs 1,255.66
Was Rs 1,460.59Now Rs 1,168.47
Was Rs 1,245.09Now Rs 996.07
Was Rs 1,409.79Now Rs 1,198.32
Was Rs 929.53Now Rs 836.58
Was Rs 1,290.22Now Rs 1,096.69
Was Rs 1,034.86Now Rs 931.37
Was Rs 388.78Now Rs 330.46
Was Rs 175.99Now Rs 149.59
Was Rs 423.46Now Rs 381.11
Was Rs 357.88Now Rs 178.94
Was Rs 658.63Now Rs 493.97
Was Rs 1,477.71Now Rs 1,034.40
Was Rs 567.75Now Rs 454.20
Was Rs 683.89Now Rs 547.11
Was Rs 529.80Now Rs 450.33
Was Rs 611.09Now Rs 519.43
Was Rs 2,471.30Now Rs 2,100.61
Was Rs 989.89Now Rs 841.41
Was Rs 890.39Now Rs 756.83
Was Rs 523.79Now Rs 104.76
Was Rs 354.45Now Rs 283.56
Was Rs 158.75Now Rs 95.25
Was Rs 181.18Now Rs 154.00
Was Rs 349.25Now Rs 157.16
Was Rs 1,364.42Now Rs 1,023.32
Was Rs 975.24Now Rs 828.95
Was Rs 858.63Now Rs 772.77
Was Rs 1,146.91Now Rs 630.80
Was Rs 3,521.12Now Rs 2,464.78
Was Rs 520.70Now Rs 312.42
Rs 843.59
Was Rs 1,370.09Now Rs 890.56
Was Rs 1,546.79Now Rs 1,025.37
Was Rs 169.89Now Rs 118.92
Was Rs 1,147.85Now Rs 918.28
Was Rs 651.89Now Rs 586.70
Was Rs 852.58Now Rs 682.06
Was Rs 293.82Now Rs 132.22
Was Rs 646.64Now Rs 614.31
Was Rs 310.79Now Rs 186.47
Was Rs 276.79Now Rs 221.43
Was Rs 1,089.89Now Rs 980.90
Was Rs 569.87Now Rs 341.92
Was Rs 537.98Now Rs 484.18
Was Rs 794.44Now Rs 436.94
Was Rs 384.48Now Rs 307.58
Was Rs 608.96Now Rs 548.06
Was Rs 579.90Now Rs 173.97
Was Rs 479.55Now Rs 431.60
Was Rs 415.38Now Rs 83.08
Was Rs 2,886.81Now Rs 2,020.77
Was Rs 725.72Now Rs 653.15
Was Rs 493.32Now Rs 443.99
Was Rs 847.65Now Rs 809.98
Was Rs 1,222.79Now Rs 978.23
Was Rs 1,067.49Now Rs 853.99
Was Rs 1,538.10Now Rs 1,153.58
Was Rs 1,086.05Now Rs 705.93
Was Rs 589.81Now Rs 265.41
Was Rs 2,442.82Now Rs 1,954.26
Was Rs 1,626.39Now Rs 1,138.47
Rs 1,365.71
Was Rs 852.70Now Rs 639.52
Was Rs 1,600.00Now Rs 800.00
Was Rs 269.13Now Rs 228.76
Was Rs 179.01Now Rs 107.41
Was Rs 281.31Now Rs 225.05
Was Rs 256.38Now Rs 179.47
Was Rs 389.14Now Rs 272.40
Was Rs 849.09Now Rs 551.91
Was Rs 656.60Now Rs 492.45
Was Rs 1,289.19Now Rs 580.14
Was Rs 635.09Now Rs 480.07
Was Rs 1,116.29Now Rs 898.15
Was Rs 1,148.93Now Rs 976.59
Was Rs 2,055.70Now Rs 1,644.56
Was Rs 1,074.69Now Rs 859.75
Was Rs 243.94Now Rs 170.76
Was Rs 511.99Now Rs 435.19
Was Rs 685.26Now Rs 582.47
Was Rs 1,009.67Now Rs 908.70
Was Rs 991.31Now Rs 842.61
Was Rs 791.03Now Rs 632.82
Was Rs 149.74Now Rs 119.79
Was Rs 497.70Now Rs 273.74
Was Rs 178.61Now Rs 151.82
Was Rs 302.60Now Rs 226.95
Was Rs 342.63Now Rs 274.10
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